تعريفات يجب ان تعلمها في مجال حفر الآبار

تعريفات يجب ان تعلمها في مجال حفر الآبار وهي :

اولا يجب ان تعلم ان هذه التعريفات تستخدم بنسبة 101% في مجال حفر الآبار لذالك وجب علينا ان نخبر جميع المقبلين على العمل في هذا المجال بها.


A drilling break (FAST BREAK) is a sudden increase in the drill bit’s rate of penetration. This
may result simply from a formation change, but sometimes indicates that the bit has penetrated a
high-pressure zone and thus warns of the possibility of a kick

A flow check is a method of determining whether a kick has occurred. The mud pumps are
stopped for a short period to see whether mud continues
to flow out of the hole. I f it does, a kick
may be occurring, with the formation fluids entering the well bore and displacing mud from the
annulus at the surface. The flow check may be performed by visually inspecting
the annulus
through the rotary table, or by directing the mud returns to the trip tank and observing the mud

Reaming is performed to open an under-gauge hole to its original full-gauge size

Circulating is the process of pumping drilling fluid out of the mud pits, down the drill string, up
the annulus and back to the mud pits, and is a continual process while drilling

Hook Load – HKL this is the load on the hook (summation of the strings: BHA and bit

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